You will need to have Acrobat Reader to use the online Employee Handbook. Click on the Acrobat Reader icon to get the current version of Acrobat Reader FREE.

To download and view the Employee Handbook, follow these easy steps.

  • Download Acrobat Reader. This enables you to read PDF files.

  • Click here to open the Employee Handbook.

  • When the Handbook opens, you can view an interactive Table of Contents on the left side of your screen by selecting the "Navigation Pane" icon at the top of the screen. (Depending on what version of Acrobat Reader you are using, the icon will look similar to the one shown here.)

  • Click on the Bookmarks folder to reveal the Table of Contents in the Navigation Pane. (This window can be widened using your pointer.)

  • Once you have the Navigation Pane open, you can click on the section you're interested in and your page selection will appear in the window. You can browse through the handbook page-by-page with the arrow keys, or select a specific page number from the Document menu.

    PLEASE NOTE: If you download the Employee Handbook to your computer for later use, you may not be viewing the most current version of the handbook.