Training can be accomplished in a variety of ways, from a classroom setting to a workshop atmosphere. Supervisors of any age retain the most information in an interactive, relaxed environment. Handouts accompany all training, as a tool to refresh memory.

Total 4 Hours

Inexperienced supervisors face legal liability. They must have, at a minimum, sufficient information to enable them to do their jobs effectively but legally. The Supervisor's Toolbox visits the topics listed below and provides basic information on each. The written material is prepared as a quick reference for insertion in the Employee Handbook. This class is a 4-hour class, which can be presented in two separate 2-hour segments for scheduling purposes.

  • Oregon Wage and Hour Laws
  • Discrimination
  • Evaluations
  • Legal Liabilities for Supervisors
  • Civil Rights Laws
  • Drugs & Alcohol in the Workplace
  • Harassment
  • Violence in the Workplace
  • Discipline & Discharge
  • Ethics
  • Leaves of Absence (Oregon FMLA and Federal FMLA)
  • Workers' Comp System
Each Topic 1 to 2 Hours

These classes explore each topic listed in greater depth, and are especially recommended for experienced supervisors who need a refresher course.

  • Legal Update - Civil Rights law, Wage and Hour law
  • Discipline and Discharge - Reduction in Force (RIF) Guidelines
  • Leaves of Absence - FMLA, OFLA, Workers' Compensation
  • Legal Liabilities for Supervisors - Interviewing, Discrimination (including ADA) and Harassment
  • Performance Evaluations





The classes listed below are recommended to improve and refine the skills of experienced supervisors and managers. Each is approximately one hour in length.

Assertive Communication and Confrontation:
This session teaches the differences between aggression, assertion, and passivity - the use of assertive techniques to communicate and manage - how to listen and hear more effectively - adjusting your communication style - presenting your message in the most palatable way. Why is it that so many people we deal with are difficult...And do they wonder the same thing about us? Gain insight about the right approach for each personality type.

Building Positive Relationships:

Learn to detect erosion in a relationship; the best communication method to use when it has occurred; and how your personality type might irritate others when you react under pressure.

Once you've built a team, who's going to coach them? This isn't Little League - or is it? Peter Drucker said, "There is nothing more dangerous than the right answer to the wrong questions." Learn some techniques to ensure the effectiveness of your team.


Following a self-check, learn how to promote more employee involvement through analysis of your job's key areas. This training session includes committing possibilities for delegation to paper!

Interviewing and Hiring:
How do you attract good employees, select the best match for your job, and avoid the legal pitfalls that could take you to court? Includes pages of open-ended interviewing questions.

Management by Objectives (MBO):

Learn techniques to move your organization forward toward attainable objectives with 100% participation.

Stress – Learn to Stay Calm and Enjoy Your Life:
Stress is ever-present in today's world. Are you, without intending to, creating stress in your own life? Are you reacting to stress physically or emotionally? This might help you to get a grip.

Violence in the Workplace:
What employee behaviors should send up alarm flags? A few ideas to identify the potential for violence, avert it if possible, and handle the outcome should it occur. Use this class as the impetus in developing your own comprehensive violence procedure plan.